Steve Naidich, President & Co-Founder
Mr. Naidich is a seasoned entrepreneur and accomplished computer scientist having founded several successful companies including the New York City-based Oxer Technologies. Oxer Technologies, a technology and management consulting firm, provides strategic consulting, software programming and process optimization services to industry. Oxer's clients represent a diverse set of industries including healthcare, biotech, finance, real estate, energy, global shipping and Internet. Mr. Naidich received a B.A. in Physics from Columbia University and has served as an Officer in the United States Army.

Barry Kreiswirth, PhD, Chief Scientist & Co-Founder
Dr. Kreiswirth is a well-respected and foremost infectious disease expert who founded the Public Health Research Institute's Tuberculosis Center. Dr. Kreiswirth is also an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Columbia University and an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at New York University (NYU). Dr. Kreiswirth previously held a position on the DARPA Review Board, and is currently Vice President of the New York Academy of Sciences Microbiology Advisory Board. In addition, Dr. Kreiswirth has served as an advisor to numerous pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Kreiswirth has over 100 publications in respected journals such as "Nature", "Proceedings of the National Academy of Science", "Journal of Infectious Disease", "Emerging Infectious Disease", and "Journal of Molecular Biology". Dr. Kreiswirth recently wrote a book chapter on eGenomics DNA-based fingerprinting methods for the CDC. Dr. Kreiswirth received a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from NYU Medical Center.

Sharon MacDonald, Director of Business Development
Ms. MacDonald is a seasoned Mergers and Acquisitions veteran having worked as an integration specialist for several New York City-based financial firms. Ms. MacDonald co-founded The Oxer Group,a sister company to Oxer Technologies with Mr. Naidich. Ms. MacDonald has a B.A. in Business Management from Ithaca College and has studied at the London School of Economics.