The eGenomics System emphasizes infection control.

The underlying principle of the eGenomics System is similar to that of the COMSTAT software package employed by the New York City Police Department ("NYPD"). The COMSTAT software performs statistical trend analysis detailing where, when and what type of crimes occur in all New York City neighborhoods. Understanding detailed crime patterns allows the NYPD to allocate appropriate police resources at the appropriate times and places. Similarly, the eGenomics System allows healthcare workers to base their actions on specific qualitative data rather than rush to "put out fires" based on assumptions. Unfortunately, putting out fires is often the accepted norm.

The eGenomics "Early Warning System for Infection Control" integrates rapid DNA sequencing with analytical computer software that monitors and predicts outbreaks of infection by distinguishing and mapping the spread of pathogens. Use of the eGenomics System

  • Focuses and directs infection control efforts
  • Lowers actual costs to control infections
  • Reduces antibiotic usage, and
  • Reduces the chance of acquiring an infection in a hospital

The proprietary eGenomics System distinguishes among similar pathogens by comparing those organisms' DNA. By identifying, or literally "fingerprinting" the bacteria, the eGenomics computer software tracks the distinct flow of pathogens through a hospital in terms of both time and location. Understanding transmission patterns allows healthcare workers to identify outbreaks before they become endemic and allows infection control teams to focus their efforts on the most important areas.