The proprietary eGenomics System distinguishes among similar pathogens by comparing those organisms' DNA. By comparing differences in the organisms' DNA - literally "fingerprinting" the bacteria - the eGenomics computer software tracks the distinct flow of pathogens through a hospital in both time and location. Understanding transmission patterns allows healthcare workers to identify outbreaks before they become endemic and allows infection control teams to focus their efforts on the most important areas.

Furthermore, bacteria spread between facilities as well as within a facility as a result of patients moving throughout a hospital, or patients transferring from one facility to another. The eGenomics System allows trends recognized at one facility to be applied to other institutions before a problem becomes chronic.

In addition to predicting potential outbreaks before they occur, the system also distinguishes actual outbreaks from random events. This is particularly important because hospitals often take extreme and costly measures to prevent further spread of infection once they believe an outbreak has begun. In these instances, identification of random events from actual outbreaks would eliminate the need to take such expensive measures.